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The Table Rack series of server racks and server cabinets are designed for table-top and floor standing use. They accept all equipment conforming to 19″ rack mounting specifications. The frame for these enclosures provide the necessary rigidity while maintaining high strength. Front and rear doors are available as optional items (included on combo racks) along with a full range of other accessories and mounting hardware.  Combo racks include one plexiglass and one vented door.  The Table Rack series is suitable for housing servers, switches, routers, other networking, telecom & all equipment confirming to 19″ mounting standards

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19" 6U/32" Depth, 19" 9U/32" Depth, 19" 12U/32" Depth, 19" 15U/32" Depth, 19" 18U/32" Depth, 19" 9U/39" Depth, 19" 12U/39" Depth